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Professional Portrait Photographer In Vietnam Dung Ho

Vietnam Portrait Photographer Dung Ho


For me, everything in the photograph is the moment. I spent countless hour on every corner of Saigon street or driving around with my bike in the countryside area of Vietnam just to searching for the perfect moment in term of portrait photography.


The one I love the most in photography that is discovery, that is the exciting feeling every time I pick up the camera and go out to the street or any new other places, the joy and excitement of meeting up some random people along away and be able to have the beautiful portrait of them. That is all the exciting element that waking me up every single morning.

Vietnam Photographer Dung Ho


The picture is useless unless it can tell a story itself. And for me, that is the connection. It’s the feeling you experiences you are inside the picture frame and feeling the emotions the connection between you can the people in the picture.

Portrait Photographer Saigon

Saigon a home of many Portrait Photographers in Vietnam. It is the city I have called it home for the last 10 years since I have left my small town in Vung Tau city for studying and living. Even though I’m on the road much of my time but I am always proud to say I am based in Saigon where I have started my portrait photographer career in Vietnam.

Travel Photographer VietnamĀ 

One of the thing that I love to be a portrait photographer in Vietnam that is the ability that you can travel in so many different places many cities from the South to the North of Vietnam. Every city that I have been through has its own charms and for me its the way I can say it out loud how I feel through my photograph.