About me

I’m Dung Ho a Vietnamese photographer, I’m based in Saigon – Vietnam but I travel a lot in different cities for assignments and working on other personal projects.

My main focus in photography is portraits and cultures, for me the moment of the face expression will last long forever so it’s always my honor as well as pleasure to be able to travel and capture all of that beautiful moments.

Besides that I sometimes works on company commercial assignments such as: factory workshop, lifestyles .. just feel free to drop me a email if you need me for any photograph works you have in mind.

When I’m not on the road, it’s always my favorite time to sit down with a hot cup of coffee and writing down my all these travel experiences, culture stories and other photograph skills that I know.

And maybe you can see me like that somewhere in middle of the busy street of Saigon or in the morning local market. And yeah, that’s me Dung Ho.


Picture credit: Thibault Clemenceau

Video source: Ronda Christensen

The journey for me to who I am to day as a photographer has came to me during my amazing one month memory on the road with talented couple photographer – video maker Mike Stills and Ronda from the U.S.

It was August 2017, and I was so lucky to be able to  traveling along with the couple for the assignment of guiding them to travel by motorbike from the South to the North Vietnam.

During the trip, the first time in my life has ever experienced of advanture feeling on the road and most important thing that Mike and Ronda have taught me a lot about photography, how should I invest in a camera at the beginning, how should you be patient to have a perfect moment of your desired picture..

There are the memories that I won’t be able to forget during my first days of learning about photography. During our stop for 5 days in central of Vietnam, the ancient city Hoi An I was also have chanced to visit the photo gallery of famous French photography Rehahn, all of his beautiful portrait artworks were so parallel and inspired me. And that is how my photography journey is about to begin !

2018 It’s also the year that I have worked and lived in Australia for 1 year, after having some saving I decided to buy a camera for the very first time. And since then, I have kept going out and shooting the beautiful country of Australia, the city, the people.. all the memories there were absolutely incredible. By living and adapting culture between the West and the East somehow it has shaped the way that I capture everthing into through the lens.

In April 2019 I went back to motherland Vietnam to follow up my photography path and based in Saigon, city center of Vietnam. Some of my current project that I am working on now mostly about people and daily life of Saigonese. Other projects are about the local culture of ethnic group of people in up North Vietnam.

These projects are still on the way and my goal is to wrap it up in the end of the year of 2020.

Any questions want to ask me?